Become a Net.Tel Registered Agent

Your customers look to you as a trusted adviser.  They rely on you to bring them best of breed technologies that help them increase efficiency and maximize their investment.  So make sure your portfolio includes the diverse solution set that Net.Tel has to offer.

Our comprehensive portfolio of professional, managed, hosted and carrier services allow our partners to provide their customers with a wide range of top-quality technology solutions.   Our simple approach to partnering arms you with technical and sales support to further enhance your solution to the client.

As an Net.Tel Registered Agent, you can:

  • Accelerate your value to the client by providing end-to end data, IP, hosting and voice solutions to new and existing customers
  • Expand your positioning with customers by leveraging Net.Tel’s managed offerings, engineering support and personalized customer service
  • Grow your revenue stream with our aggressive compensation plan

When you become an Net.Tel Registered Agent, it’s easy to get started. We’ll provide you with the product and process training and introductions to the sales and technical teams so you can hit the ground running!

  • Please fill out the form below, and a member of our team will contact you with information on how to get started and become a Net.Tel Referral Partner.